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"The spirit behind EnjoyABC is based on a Café style bright fun conversation with online video materials:
Have a cuppa at your home, work or on the go, find a comfortable seat, relax and enjoy your English chat with ESL students mostly from South-East Asia. We look forward to having you onboard our teaching team!"

PC Web Camera & built-in Microphone

Tutor Facilitator Agreement
(General Terms & Conditions)
Software & Hardware Requirements: 

1. After the recruitment meeting, submit the agreement below.
    We will then guide you and provide a demo class for you. 


2. Quarterly Term Commitment Teaching Review:
    Quarterly term commitment announcements are sent 
    month before the end of each quarter (end of month 2, 5, 8, and 11) 

   - Q1          (01 - 03)
   - Q2          (04 - 06)
   - Q3          (07 - 09)
   - Q4          (10 - 12)


3. A personal profile is required for timetable
   - photo
   - nationality and current country of residence
- also we may be able to promote private classes for you (in the future)


4. Trial classes are paid.
   - Regular classes are always on schedule and paid even when no students attend.
Tutor facilitators must stay in class for the full hour
   - Audio and camera deactivated until the first student joins - this allows tutors to multitask whilst waiting.


5. Teachers need to be ready and on time (at least 5-to-10 mins before class starts).
EnjoyABC expects all teachers to promptly attend their assigned classes on time and for the full 1-hour duration. Classes are auto-recorded and reviewed by EnjoyABC. To access your class, please log onto the website so that the site can recognize your login time. Classes are paid with or without student attendance. We encourage you to use the materials as a starter and allow you to direct the class in any appropriate conversational direction at your discretion. 
Please note, tutors need to welcome students as and when they come into the class. Therefore tutors need to be on time and not be late for class. If a tutor is late by 5 mins, class payment will be halved for that class. If over 10mins late class payment will be canceled unless prior notice is given. If a tutor is late 3 times in a month, the tutor may be asked to take a break or leave.

6. Classes are automatically recorded to protect teachers and students and to maintain good behavior.

7. Teachers must notify us if:
- you need to cancel a class (notify us in the
WhatsApp 'teacher group' at least 1 day before class).
- Any cancellation notice sent within 24 hours prior to the class start time will be considered a last-minute notice for tutor substitution.
Try to fully commit to your agreed quarterly schedule. If you are absent more than once a month, your current availability will be at risk of being reviewed with the possibility to require personal leave or being replaced.
- if your absence rate is deemed too frequent (due to unfortunate personal circumstances) you may be asked about your current availability commitment and whether a break is needed.
- late and absent policy without notice: 2 warnings and then dismissal.


8. Personal leave policy - please try to notify us 1~2 weeks before and the duration of your leave so we can schedule and cover your classes for you.

9. 30 days resignation notice (we have a seasonal quarterly renewal teaching period policy)
    We require your commitment 1 month before each upcoming season on months, 02, 05, 08, and 11)
If you wish to leave or take a long break, please notify us 30 days before your last class.
    If you decide to leave within the 30-day notification period, payment will be reduced by 50% across
    the classes you attend across your last 30 days.
    If you decide to leave suddenly without notice, all remaining payments will not be paid.

10. Monthly teaching payment day: 15th of each month, you will be paid for the previous month's
      teaching  ($** per class tax-free via PayPal, payment is respectfully conducted in privacy)

11.【Hourly Rate Policy】
* 1 hr trail teaching + 3-month probation $10/hr ( tax-free )
* Annual tutor hour rate review:-
   we submit an hourly rate review to our management for stable tutors for a $1/hr upgrade after reaching 12 months of stable teaching with us to max $20/hr.
* Auditing factors:-
   punctuality, responsive communication with our tutor coordinator (typically on WhatsApp), computer/
  Internet stability, student attendance rate, class facilitation performance, and effective use of classroom tools.

Facilitator's Guide


My Details:

New tutor agreement: Click the AGREE button below to confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the above conditions.

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